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"Catherine is the first counsellor I have really gelled with. She has helped me to see the benefit of regular counselling and I have seen it positively affect my day to day. Could not recommend her more". 


"Catherine has really helped me with thinking more positively about myself. On a daily basis I try to incorporate the techniques she's taught me about setting myself realistic goals and not being so hard on myself all the time. Counselling with Catherine has hugely improved my mental health and helped with my ability to deal with stress at work and in my relationships".




Welcome to Change Counselling

Mental Wellbeing Through Change

Hi, I'm Catherine, I'm a fully qualified and accredited counsellor, and I help people overcome anxiety, stress and emotional pain and find calm again.

I chose to do this work because it is deeply fulfilling to see each person that I work with heal and grow into the person they are meant to be.

Do you ever have anxious thoughts, or the desire to feel more confident or to improve your self esteem? Are you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or lost in life? If you are looking for a life without constant anxiety - I can help you.

By helping you examine the problematic thoughts behind your anxious feelings, I can help you to identify blocks which may be holding you back, and how to move beyond them. I will also suggest ways of coping with the challenges of life nowadays, perhaps involving behaviour and lifestyle changes, and ultimately calming your anxious feelings.

My priority is to create a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental space for each client to be able to explore their own world. I integrate elements of different approaches according to each client’s unique needs, while based upon the cornerstone of person – centred therapy.  In the end, the power of the therapeutic relationship is a very important component in growth and healing.

​After attending your therapy sessions with me, you should find yourself without the negative beliefs you had previously, and you'll be feeling confident and calm again. You deserve to live free from pain and worry, so please do get in touch to arrange your first session.
I would love to help you find your full potential.



I recommend that clients begin with a package of six sessions. Making this commitment and  working on one or two particular issues is an effective way to progress in therapy. In addition, get a €20 discount on the regular price: get 6 sessions for €280.


 Some of the most common issues I deal with are:

Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Work related stress - Depression - Bereavement and Loss - Familial issues - Abuse and Trauma - Relationship issues - Sexuality - Self esteem issues - Suicidal thoughts and self harm - Personal Development - Among others.


Change Counselling started in Dublin, Ireland, as a response to the mental health needs of people in the country, but through the online service, those further afield can also be reached.
I focus on the power of change that all individuals hold and I believe that personal change is possible and necessary to achieve mental wellbeing. It is a challenging option, but with time and effort, can lead to a deeply more satisfying and enriching life. 

Welcome to Change Counselling!




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